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Mark Marissen


Mark Marissen is a public affairs strategist and entrepreneur who has worked across the country for Prime Ministers, Premiers, opposition leaders and other elected representatives.

Mark has a long record of involvement in the Liberal Party of Canada, including time spent co-chairing a national campaign and chairing federal campaigns in B.C., as well as serving as campaign strategist for leadership bids. Over the past 20 years, he has consulted on issues including transportation, transit, infrastructure, education, trade, forestry, natural resources and the arts.

Mark is the principal of a digital advocacy firm, and was co-founder of a company dedicated to co-creating a near-zero net carbon emissions refinery, on the northwest coast of B.C., in full partnership with First Nations. In 2018, he helped create YES Vancouver, a new “YIMBY” municipal political party devoted to solving Vancouver’s housing crisis by addressing exclusionary single-family zoning.

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