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McMillan LLP Launches National Public Affairs Firm, McMillan Vantage Policy Group

New consultancy is a unique public affairs firm anchored by McMillan’s respected business law expertise

TORONTO, November 15, 2016 — McMillan LLP, a leading Canadian business law firm, today announced the creation of McMillan Vantage Policy Group, a national full-service public affairs consultancy—the only one of its kind anchored in a national law firm offering services to Canadian-based and international clients.
Working through McMillan LLP offices in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver and Hong Kong, McMillan Vantage Policy Group offers government relations counsel, policy and regulatory analysis, and strategic communications to private sector clients.

The McMillan Vantage team interprets private sector concerns to public sector leaders and government priorities to the C-suite, bridging an often difficult divide. The team includes Charles Chevrette, Timothy Cullen, Stockwell Day, Dwight Duncan, Mary Flynn-Guglietti, Annik Forristal,  Richard Jones, Robin Junger, Richard Mahoney, Tim Murphy, Mark Resnick, John Reynolds and Mike Richmond. They are joined by Robyn Osgood, who will lead the strategic communications practice of the consultancy. 

“The launch of this new firm underscores McMillan’s commitment to providing innovative services to Canadian business,” said Teresa Dufort, CEO, McMillan LLP.

Members of McMillan Vantage Policy Group have counselled prime ministers and premiers, and held political office. They have advised Board chairs and C-suite executives, and many sit on Boards themselves. They have worked in both the private and public sectors, and are able to interpret the needs and priorities of each to the other. 

Collectively, they represent deep knowledge and experience in areas such as energy, transportation, healthcare, telecommunications, indigenous affairs, manufacturing, financial technology, agriculture, infrastructure, trade, financial services, aviation, procurement and communications at the federal, provincial-territorial and municipal levels.

A key feature of the new consultancy is the McMillan Vantage Advisory Board chaired by McMillan Vantage Managing Director Richard Mahoney. Its members include former federal and provincial cabinet ministers, deputy ministers, party leaders and campaign chairs, as well as media and issue management experts. Advisory Board members will vet proposed client strategies and communications, simulating the scrutiny clients often face as they deal with stakeholders such as governments, regulators, shareholders, customers and the media.

“Our clients lead national and international corporations, and many operate in complex regulatory environments,” said Tim Murphy, McMillan Vantage Managing Director. “They expect sophisticated public affairs counsel that advances key issues and priorities, reducing the risk to which their organizations are exposed.”

Clients will benefit from an integrated approach to public affairs, strategic communications and legal counsel thanks to McMillan Vantage Policy Group’s affiliation with McMillan LLP. Lawyers at McMillan LLP provide legal advice in relation to a wide range of regulatory environments including taxation, competition and business law, and the regulation of foreign investments. 

“Whether it is helping navigate environmental regulations, advising on a merger or acquisition, consulting with First Nations / Métis / Inuit groups or creating and executing an advocacy campaign, our goal is to provide clients with strategic thinking and executive-level counsel that deliver long-term success,” said Mark Resnick, McMillan Vantage Managing Director.

McMillan Vantage Policy Group is a premium public affairs firm and the latest innovation from McMillan LLP. The expertise of its principals, matched by experienced legal and communications counsel, is a critical service combination for companies navigating complex regulatory and legislative environments.

For more information, or to arrange interviews, please contact:

Folasadé Apanisile
Manager, Marketing & Communications

About McMillan Vantage Policy Group LP
McMillan Vantage Policy Group LP is a full-service, national public affairs firm affiliated with McMillan, a leading Canadian business law firm. The McMillan Vantage team understands how governments work, and can provide nuanced interpretations of political realities and a sophisticated approach to public affairs analysis. Their counsel helps organizations be more competitive by advancing key issues and priorities, and reducing the risk to which they are exposed.

About McMillan LLP
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