McMillan Vantage strives at all times to promote an equitable and diversified environment for our clients and firm members. We are aware of the importance of clearly defined, uniformly embraced values that guide the firm in sustaining high quality and excellent service delivery. Our firm values – respect, teamwork, commitment, client service and professional excellence – demonstrate that we not only encompass diversity, but how we do business.

McMillan Vantage is committed to meeting the objectives and requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2016 (“AODA”) and the accessibility needs of persons with disabilities with respect to McMillan’s programs, services and facilities, in a timely manner.


McMillan Vantage is committed to the development of policies that facilitate the identification, removal and prevention of barriers to persons with disabilities. Our policies have been prepared to meet the compliance requirements of the AODA under the Customer Service Standard and Integrated Accessibility Standard.

McMillan Vantage has used reasonable efforts to ensure all of our policies, practices and procedures adhere to the key principles of dignity, independence, integration (except when alternative measures are required to meet the needs of persons with disabilities) and equal opportunity for persons with disabilities. Each of these is discussed as follows: 


McMillan Vantage is committed to delivering services in a manner that respects the dignity of our clients with disabilities. Our clients with disabilities are valued and as deserving of high quality and timely services as any other clients. They can expect the same quality of service and will not be inconvenienced in accessing our services. 


Our firm members have been trained to know that people with disabilities should have the freedom and opportunity to access services on their own and should not be influenced by others in accessing services. 


At McMillan Vantage , we are committed to creating an inclusive environment and ensuring our services are integrated. Our clients with disabilities have equal access to benefiting from the same services, in the same place and in the same manner or similar way, as do all of our clients. If a client with a disability requires alternative measures to access our services, our firm members will make every effort to support the client in this regard. 

Equal Opportunity

McMillan Vantage is committed to ensuring that our clients with disabilities have the same opportunities, options, benefits, and results from accessing our services. Our clients with disabilities do not have to make additional effort to access or obtain service. 

McMillan Vantage’s Customer Service Standard Policy has been prepared to outline the firm’s commitment to the delivery of excellent client service and identify principles and practices to ensure exceptional service delivery to persons with disabilities. 

McMillan Vantage’s Integrated Accessibility Standards Policy has been developed to outline the firm’s commitment in facilitating the identification, removal and prevention of barriers to persons with disabilities in the areas of Information and Communication and Employment, in accordance with the requirements under the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation. 

McMillan Vantage is committed to developing policies that respect and promote the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities. Therefore, no changes will be made to our policies before considering the impact on persons with disabilities. 

Copies of the firm’s policies are available upon request.

Multi-Year Accessibility Plan 

McMillan Vantage is committed to the development and maintenance of a Multi-Year Accessibility Plan (“Accessibility Plan”) outlining the firm’s strategy to prevent and remove barriers impacting persons with disabilities. Our Accessibility Plan will be consistently under review until all objectives are carried out in accordance with the timeframes set out in the Integrated Accessibility Standard. Thereafter, the Accessibility Plan will be reviewed and updated at least once every five years. 

Copies of the Accessibility Plan can be provided in alternate format, upon request.

Accessible Formats and Communication Supports

McMillan Vantage is committed to providing or arranging for the provision of accessible formats and communication supports for persons with disabilities. If you require an accessible format or communication support, please email or call 1 888 603 7720 and ask to be transferred to Robyn Osgood, Managing Director.


McMillan Vantage is committed to ensuring that firm members receive training on the requirements of the Customer Service Standard and Integrated Accessibility Standard. Training has been designed to meet the compliance requirements of the AODA, and the firm has incorporated this training requirement into its hiring practices to ensure that appropriate firm members complete the required training within a reasonable time of having accepted employment with McMillan Vantage.

Notice of Temporary Disruptions 

McMillan Vantage will provide clients with notice in the event of a planned or unexpected disruption in the facilities (as it relates to the space occupied by our firm) or services usually used by persons with disabilities. Our clients may expect that our notices will provide, where practical; information about: the reason for the disruption (provided such knowledge is available), the anticipated duration of the disruption; and alternative facilities or services, if any are available. 

This information will be made available to the public as soon as possible after McMillan Vantage has been notified of the unplanned disruption. For all planned disruptions, notices shall be provided in advance of the scheduled disruption.

There are no disruptions at this time.


McMillan Vantage welcomes any feedback regarding the methods it uses to provide services to persons with disabilities and is committed to ensuring that this process is accessible to all of our clients.

Feedback regarding McMillan Vantage’s provision of client service as it relates to this policy can be made by:


Telephone: 1 888 603 7720 and ask to be transferred to Managing Director

In writing:
McMillan Vantage Policy Group LP
Attn: Managing Director 
Brookfield Place 
181 Bay Street, Suite 4400
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2T3
or by any other form of communication that takes into account the client’s disability.
All feedback will be directed to a Managing Director 


If you have questions about accessibility at McMillan Vantage, please email or 1 888 603 7720 and ask to be transferred to the Managing Director

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