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Returning to Work: Is Your Organization Ready?

Over the next few months, restrictions on business will start to loosen and the Canadian economy will open up, but the way we work has shifted. Is your team ready for a return to work?

Developed in collaboration with our partners at McMillan LLP, the following outlines a three-point Return-to-Work Health Check to help companies, associations and not-for-profits navigate the new normal — a more rules-based economy with comprehensive restrictions that vary by sector, geography and COVID-19 context.

  1. Focusing on Workplace Health and Safety in the New Normal – Are you clear on the legal framework for testing, masks, social distancing, hygiene? Have your new operating procedures been established? Do they differ by region? Business unit? How will new procedures be communicated to your employees, suppliers and customers? What does onboarding look like for returning employees? Will work-from-home continue in some form? How are you dealing with employees who have to go into other workplaces as part of their duties? What changes are needed to your physical space? Do customers see safety as part of your brand?
  2. Strengthening Corporate Responsibility – Does your company have a corporate social responsibility plan that employees embrace and are proud of? Do customers see that your company or organization is doing its part to combat the pandemic, support your workers and contribute to your community?
  3. Readiness for the next Crisis  — Did your crisis communications plan work well when COVID-19 restrictions went into place? Does it need updating to reflect the new world of work? Are you prepared for an outbreak at your facility or office? Are you prepared to respond to an employee complaining to the media about your workplace?

The world is different now. Employees and customers have different expectations of you and your organization.

While getting back to full speed may be months away, there are critical steps companies can take now to meet those expectations to prepare for a return to work.

Contact Dave McKechnie at  or Robyn Osgood at  for special pricing on our Return to Work Health Check.   

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