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Advocacy & Campaigns

McMillan Vantage knows what matters most to governments: Canadians – their values, voices and votes.  Leveraging the power of public opinion to help shape public policy, we drive important issues and client priorities forward through public engagement, advocacy and campaigns.  This includes capturing, measuring and harnessing the opinions of Canada through strategic research.   

When you need to know about Advocacy & Campaigns, McMillan Vantage advises you on:

What’s what: When Canadians understand how policies impact them, they take action. McMillan Vantage takes complex problems, humanizes the issues and creates the narrative for adoption and stakeholder acceptability.

What matters: We inspire leaders and advocates to act. McMillan Vantage identifies what matters most to audiences from coast to coast to coast. We amplify their stories, building a groundswell of action.

What’s next: Using advocacy websites, social media, earned media, stakeholder partnership and targeted advertising buys, we elevate issues of importance to achieve your government relations objectives.

For help with advocacy or your next campaign, contact D’arci McFadden.

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