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Corporate Purpose & ESG

Companies that embrace Corporate Purpose and demonstrate a strong commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices are outperforming their competition on key metrics, such as brand image, employee recruitment and retention, stakeholder engagement and financial performance. McMillan Vantage helps you understand the risks of ESG inaction and turns these risks into opportunities for differentiation.

When you need to know about Corporate Purpose & ESG, McMillan Vantage advises you on:

What’s what: ESG is a whole new area of risk that Boards and Senior C-Suite executives can no longer afford to ignore. Failing to engage with or lead on ESG in a meaningful way can result in reputational risks and business-development blind spots.  In today’s sociopolitical climate, companies must have a clear Corporate Purpose – the overarching reason that a company exists and the impact it has on the people it serves and the planet it depends upon – and show leadership on ESG. 

What matters: McMillan Vantage understands your priority audiences and what ESG considerations matters to them. We align your Purpose and ESG plans with the priorities of decision makers, opinion leaders, community members, consumers and employees.   

What’s next: McMillan Vantage designs programs that enhance image, improve performance and increase engagement, including:

  • Corporate Purpose: Develop a Purpose Statement that answers “why” a company exists. It provides the strategic rationale platform to guide ESG decisions and behaviours.
  • Communications: Develop a communications strategy and action plan for sharing your Corporate Purpose and ESG story to key internal and external audiences.  This includes positioning your ESG efforts with key political, government, media and corporate decision makers. 
  • Culture: Develop a strategy to activate your Corporate Purpose Statement and ESG strategies with employees so they become ESG ambassadors.
  • Community: Develop a community engagement strategy to identify partnerships with key external stakeholders and subject matter experts to optimize your Corporate Purpose Statement and ESG plans.
  • Compliance: Provide a full suite of monitoring, reporting, disclosure and regulatory services to inform your ESG Framework. We can also evaluate and measure your ESG programs through collaboration with McMillan LLP. See a full list of integrated McMillan LLP ESG services here.

For Corporate Purpose & ESG support, contact Andrea Donlan.

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