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Crisis & Issues Management 

Nobody wants to be in crisis. When you are, you want a senior, experienced partner by your side. It is more critical than ever to respond immediately – to address the challenges faced and develop the right plan. McMillan Vantage knows how to move into action quickly. We are experts in crisis preparedness, planning and mitigation. We help prepare for — and maneuver through — the crises that make or break individuals, organizations or companies.

When you need to know about Crisis & Issues Management, McMillan Vantage will advise you on:

What’s what: We help you understand the landscape by merging our experience in crisis communications with our in-depth knowledge of government, media and customer expectations. This intersection of know-how and relationships defines our ability to deliver the crisis plan you need, effectively and efficiently — even in the most stressful times.

What matters: When the spotlight is on you, we help you respond rapidly and accurately. When facing pressure from the media, governments, social media and customers, we’ll chart the path forward.

What’s next: We move rapidly to monitor situations in real-time, identifying and managing issues, and coaching executives and spokespeople. Where media and political or stakeholder engagement is necessary, we will help you with targeted message development, all while considering the political, legislative, regulatory and legal landscapes.

For urgent support for your crisis or issue, contact Robyn Osgood or D’arci McFadden.

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