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Strategic Communications

McMillan Vantage brings fresh perspectives to challenging issues. Our strategic communications experts help you reach influential audiences with the most impactful story. Whether working with a Board of Directors, senior executives or their communications teams, we deliver business results by designing integrated communications programs inspired by a clear value proposition. Our informed and insightful thinking builds new levels of awareness and engagement at the local or national level for public, private, and non-profit clients.

When you need to know about Strategic Communications, McMillan Vantage advises you on:

What’s what: Strategy is at the core of our service. From public relations and executive thought leadership to change management and employee engagement, we develop bespoke strategies that resonate.

What matters: McMillan Vantage understands the attitudes, values, and opinions of Canadians. Our programs use cutting-edge public opinion research to lead with narratives that build brand strength and recognition. Grounded in emotional or rational drivers, our narrative-driven programs change opinions, protect image, build brands, and inspire action.

What’s next: The communications ecosystem is constantly evolving, providing new tools and channels to tell your story. Our integrated approach to communications planning allows us to use the best tool in the toolbox to deliver. From media relations to digital communications to corporate profile building and employee engagement, we have you covered.

For more information on how strategic communications can help your organization, contact Robyn Osgood or Andrea Donlan.

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