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Ashley Csanady


Ashley Csanady holds more than 15 years of experience as a writer, editor and strategic communicator. With a career spanning Canadian newsrooms, government, and private and public sectors, she helps McMillan Vantage clients shape their stories to cut through the noise.

Ashley spent more than a decade in Canadian newsrooms, writing about municipal, provincial and federal politics and policies. In that time, she covered it all: from interprovincial trade barriers to art gallery installations to live election coverage.

She has hosted podcasts and radio shows and appeared on radio and television across the country. Ashley taught writing at the University of Waterloo and digital journalism at the university formerly known as Ryerson. She offers McMillan Vantage clients advice and insight into the workings of the modern mediascape.

Ashley has also worked as a political staffer, speech writer, consultant and editor. She specializes in making complex policy issues clear and accessible, whether it’s the safe, long-term management of used nuclear fuel or the strict regulations for marketing legal cannabis.

Her work has appeared in the National Post, the CBC, Vice News, among many others. She leverages her breadth of experience and network to assist our clients with both public affairs and government relations.

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