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Jonathan Kalles


Jonathan has spent over a decade working in federal, provincial and municipal government relations and public affairs in Quebec while building relationships with key political and business stakeholders in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa and across Canada.

Jonathan is fully bilingual, with a keen understanding of the machinery of government and regulatory frameworks, and his network includes elected and senior government officials from all political parties. He is known for his strategic approach to problem-solving, his ability to adapt to different situations, his communication skills and for his leadership.

Prior to joining McMillan Vantage, Jonathan served as Quebec advisor to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This followed two years as senior Quebec advisor to three federal ministers. He has been active in political campaigns in Quebec for over 25 years and was part of the Quebec war room for the 2019 Liberal Party of Canada Campaign team.

Jonathan has served on a number of charitable and non-profit boards and is a regular media commentator on Quebec, Canadian and American politics. He holds a BA in Political Science and History, and graduated with Common and Civil Law degrees from McGill University. He is also a member of the Quebec Bar and practiced corporate and commercial law in Montréal.

Jonathan currently serves as Counsel at McMillan LLP.

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