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Madison Kuchar

Madison Kuchar is a skilled communicator with a strong foundation in research, policy analysis and intergovernmental affairs. Her experience at the centre of public policy across various levels of government, equips her to advance government relations and foster collaboration through a strategic lens.

Prior to joining McMillan Vantage, Madison worked at the Privy Council Office – Intergovernmental Affairs Secretariat at the federal level. She has also held a position at the provincial level, in the Cabinet Office – Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs. Her roles involved advocating for government interests in various forums, advancing key policy initiatives and strengthening relationships across jurisdictions. She led key files across departments, offering tactical recommendations and strategies throughout the policy-making process for both the provincial and federal government.

Madison is passionate about leveraging her expertise in project management, relationship building, and policy analysis to drive impactful change across diverse sectors.

Madison holds a Master’s of Public Administration and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) specializing in Political Studies and Global Development from Queen’s University. She was also a contributing member of the Queen’s Women’s Rugby team, winning provincial and national championships.

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