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Mark Resnick

Mark Resnick is a highly experienced public affairs professional dedicated to working on the most important, policy-relevant issues of the day. He believes in driving good public policy forward – not just for clients, but for all of Canada. Mark has more than 3 decades of experience devising and executing public affairs strategies for private sector clients including corporations and industry associations in the fields of financial services, telecommunications and broadcasting, transportation, publishing, pharmaceuticals and health care, agriculture, technology and innovation, cleantech, and consumer goods and services. Over the course of his career, he has co-founded two of Ottawa’s most successful public affairs and government relations firms, including McMillan Vantage.

He has played significant policy roles for the Liberal Party of Canada, serving as Director of Policy Development under the leadership of the Rt. Hon. John Turner and as a senior policy advisor to the Rt. Hon. Paul Martin. Mark was elected as founding President of the Government Relations Institute of Canada, the national industry association for public affairs practitioners. He continues to serve on many charitable and not-for-profit boards and is a frequent lecturer on government-business relations.

Mark completed undergraduate and graduate studies at York and McGill universities in political science and international relations.

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