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Mike Richmond

Mike Richmond

Mike Richmond has an extensive background in public affairs and policy.

He worked in the House of Commons while earning his B.S.Sc. in political science from the University of Ottawa. After earning his law degree from the University of Toronto, he worked at Queen’s Park as Senior Energy Policy Advisor to Ontario’s Minister of Energy, responsible for overseeing the restructuring of Ontario’s electricity markets. He further expanded his background in energy policy through appointments to the Boards of Directors of Toronto Hydro Corporation, the Ontario Energy Association, and the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association. Most recently, Mike served for five years as a Member of the National Energy Board, a post to which he was appointed (and re-appointed) by the Prime Minister’s Office.

Politically, Mike has provided counsel to senior officials at the municipal, regional, provincial and federal levels. He has served in senior positions on campaigns and leadership bids across a variety of political parties over three decades, including a year as Chief Elections Officer for a major party’s leadership election process.

Through his legal practice with McMillan LLP, Mike recently served as general counsel to Ontario’s Leader of the Opposition and the Opposition Caucus.

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