Who Won the Day?

With the polls showing a very high likelihood the PCs will again form a majority government, and despite distractions and reports of tightening races, we think the day belongs to last-minute swing voters. Here’s what each party has, ultimately, pitched them on over the last four weeks:

PCs: We will get it done on building highways, hospitals and we will keep working for workers. 

ONDP: Only we can defeat Doug Ford and Fix What’s Broken. 

OLP: Only we can defeat Doug Ford, stop highways, fix schools and make Ontario a place to grow for everyone. 

Greens: We know we aren’t going to win, but we have great ideas to make Ontario a better, greener place to grow. 


Proactive Messaging

Still polling strong, the Tories are keeping their messaging consistent with what we’ve seen so far, framing the Liberals and NDP as the parties of no. They say only Doug Ford and the PCs will get it done and say yes to building Ontario. 

Doug Ford will be holding a rally in his home riding of Etobicoke today at 7pm.


Proactive Message

The election is tomorrow, and today inHumber River-Black Creek Steven Del Duca called on voters to vote strategically as only Liberals can beat Doug Ford.

Del Duca also responded to questions regarding his future saying that regardless of tomorrow’s outcome, he plans to stay on as Liberal leader, even if he loses his riding of Vaughan-Woodbridge.

Reactive Message

The Liberal War Room spent much of the morning tweeting about leaked emails and documents showing that Frank Klees, a top advisor to Ford, admitted to sending backchannel messages to representatives of the Russian Federation. 

Liberal War Room director Omar Yar Khan took time to retweet a message from Global News reporter Colin D’Mello in April which said that the NDP were planning to spend $13 million on this campaign. Khan suggested that the ONDP campaign had proven to be a waste of money and mostly devoted to attacking Liberals. 


Proactive Messaging

Andrea Horwath was in Brampton today where she reaffirmed her plan to “stop the cuts and fix healthcare” by adding at least 1,231 additional nurses over the next three years and building a third hospital in the area.

At her campaign stop in Brampton, Horwath expressed to the media that an Ontario NDP government would be “open” to replicating British Columbia’s decriminalization of personal amounts of illegal drugs. 

NDP leader Andrea Horwath and NDP candidate Irwin Elman released a joint statement in response to reporting by Global News and APTN on the child welfare system in which they laid blame on the successive Liberal and Conservative governments for the failures in the system and vowed to take the profit out of childcare.


Proactive Messaging

This morning, Ontario Green Leader Mike Schreiner was in London, where he talked about Doug Ford for the past four years being at war with climate action. He vowed that Ontario Greens will crush climate pollution, and make London and Ontario a global leader in the new climate economy.


Two competing polls from the same firm? It happened!

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